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Superwoman is Supertired

An intensive 3-month programme that will give you your energy back. Changing thoughts and behaviour, to reignite your passion for living

Is this you?

  • Is the ‘busy’ mantle wearing you down?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Feeling like you have no energy?
  • That you have too much to do?
  • Or that you spend your days being very busy, doing lots of stuff, but finish the day feeling dissatisfied?
  • Your children, spouse or people around you are thriving, but you just feel stuck?
  • Do you take on everybody else’s problems but feel like nobody is thinking about yours?
  • Do you struggle to look after yourself?
  • Perhaps you feel you have lost yourself in recent years, and yearn for something more.
  • You may have been through some recent change, which has caused you to look at your life critically.
  • To the rest of the world you look like you are on top of things, but deep down you are just feeling directionless.
  • Are you sick of doing it all?

The Superwoman is Supertired programme will help you learn how to:

  • Slow down and do less
    • Slow the deluge of obligations, expectations, interruptions and responsibilities that are filling your days
    • Stand back and get some perspective
    • Identify things, people and habits that are draining your energy
  • So you can do more
    • Prioritise where you give your energy and time
    • Confidently set boundaries
    • Adopt the “Good enough” approach
    • Start making empowered choices
  • Get more confident
    • Get to know yourself: Celebrate your strengths, own your weaknesses
    • Acknowledge your inner life. Get comfortable with how you are feeling
    • Separate your identity from that of the people around you
    • Separate from an idealised version of who you ‘should be’
    • Silence your inner ‘mean girl’
    • Clarify what motivates you
  • Define what you want / Reignite your passion for living
    • Confidently be able to answer ‘What do I want from this life? What do I really, really want?’, and ‘How do I want to feel?’
    • Define how you want to live your life? What will be your style for living? How do you want to be remembered? What do you stand for?
    • Identify what you need to function at your best. Get your environment, habits, practices, peers all working to help you do better
    • Clarify what attracts you, what sets your soul on fire, and start to create more joy in your everyday life
    • Set some goals that excite you
  • Start living differently
    • Move past telling everyone ‘I’m fine’
    • Do less, and create some space (in your mind, your calendar, and in your home)
    • Get still, be OK with yourself
    • Share your truth, start to communicate what you need with your loved ones
    • Prioritise your well-being, start practising serious self-care
    • Identify things that are holding you back from changing

The Superwoman is Supertired programme logistics

  • 6 one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions (once a fortnight), either in person or via phone/Skype
  • 6 in-depth self-discovery exercises (you need to commit to these), with email feedback and support
  • You only need to; open your mind, show up, dig deep and open up. I will manage the rest
  • Pay upfront – one off cost of $1000 incl. GST

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