What I believe

I believe that

  • It is your job to like you. It’s nobody else’s.
  • Managing your thoughts is the most powerful thing you can do.
  • Your inner life is a top priority. Instead of only focusing on making your body healthy, your life changes immeasurably if you put some effort into your mind too.
  • The way you do the small things is the way you do EVERYTHING
  • We all have ‘superpowers’ that can make the world a better place, the sooner you recognise and start working with yours, the better your life will be
  • It is easy for women to lose themselves, as they fill their years working hard to build up the lives of people around them
  • Busyness is not a virtue, and it is easy to feel disconnected in a crowd of people if you fill your life with the wrong things
  • Life is beautiful. And difficult, and unfair, sometimes tragic, or frustrating. It can be messy, and confusing and really scary. However, if you spend your time trying to stay positive and avoid all those ‘bad’ feelings, you are not happy, you are just numb.

About me – the factual version

I went to the University of Auckland, did a BA/BCom, majoring in commerce and languages. I spent 10 years in the corporate world, working in various roles, where the standout skills I gained included business planning, analysis, communication, management, public speaking and training. I ran my own consulting business doing business planning with SMEs for a few years, and have worked on projects with my entrepreneurial husband in my spare time.

I have done a lot of coaching-by-accident. Over the years I have had women referred to me with ‘You need to talk to Rachael’. They would be financial clients of colleagues, medical clients of health practitioners, or friends of friends. These strangers would ring me, and we would chat for a while and I would try to help them through whatever was on their mind. Looking back, I did a pretty poor job of it, I was relying purely on instinct and muddled my way through trying to make people feel better.

I love my life, with 2 beautiful children, a fabulous but work-obsessed husband and a crazy dog.

In my own personal life, I have faced my own very challenging times, with long-term infertility battles, grief, sickness, difficulties adjusting to change and some serious stress. These challenges were often more difficult than they needed to be, as I pushed through them on my own.

During one particular stuck and uninspired patch. I went to see a Life Coach, Louise Thompson. And my life changed significantly.

certified life coach badge

I then started studying to be a Coach, through the Martha Beck Institute and completed my certification. I chose the Martha Beck course because it’s intensive (I am that sort of person), has a brilliant reputation, and it goes beyond the token ‘let’s set some goals’ approach.

Why I am good at this

I am a good life coach. NOT because I have my life sorted. Not because the path I have taken through life has been seamless and simple. Not because I have achieved dazzling goals. But because I have learned a lot, from many challenges, because I have lived my own crises and down patches, and have worked my way through them, to be deeply contented in my life.

I am a person who seeks to mean. I always have been, and always will be. I love thinking and talking about the deeper aspects of life

I am an analyst. I see patterns and trends; I see the big picture and can hone in on the detail. I always ask ‘why’ and seek to understand what is really going on.

I love working with people. Not on a superficial level, but at a deeper level of connection. I’m not very good at small talk.

When I combine my three ‘super powers’, I am working in a field that comes naturally to me and is thoroughly satisfying.

As a coach, I understand how hard life can be, and I know how to get through the ‘stuck’ patches. Let me help you navigate your way back to happiness.

Photo: Clare Barker