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Superwoman is Supertired

An intensive 3-month programme that will give you your energy back. Changing thoughts and behaviour, to reignite your passion for living

Is this you?

·        Is the ‘busy’ mantle wearing you down?

·        Are you feeling overwhelmed?

·        Feeling like you have no energy?

·        That you have too much to do?

·        Or that you spend your days being very busy, doing lots of stuff, but finish the day feeling dissatisfied?

·        Your children, spouse or people around you are thriving, but you just feel stuck?

·        Do you take on everybody else’s problems but feel like nobody is thinking about yours?

·        Do you struggle to look after yourself?

·        Perhaps you feel you have lost yourself in recent years, and yearn for something more.

·        You may have been through some recent change, which has caused you to look at your life critically.

·        To the rest of the world you look like you are on top of things, but deep down you are just feeling directionless.

·        Are you sick of doing it all?


The Superwoman is Supertired programme will help you learn how to:

·        Slow down and do less

o   Slow the deluge of obligations, expectations, interruptions and responsibilities that are filling your days

o   Stand back and get some perspective

o   Identify things, people and habits that are draining your energy

·        So you can do more

o   Prioritise where you give your energy and time

o   Confidently set boundaries

o   Adopt the “Good enough” approach

o   Start making empowered choices

·        Get more confident

o   Get to know yourself: Celebrate your strengths, own your weaknesses

o   Acknowledge your inner life. Get comfortable with how you are feeling

o   Separate your identity from that of the people around you

o   Separate from an idealised version of who you ‘should be’

o   Silence your inner ‘mean girl’

o   Clarify what motivates you

·        Define what you want / Reignite your passion for living

o   Confidently be able to answer ‘What do I want from this life? What do I really, really want?’, and ‘How do I want to feel?’

o   Define how you want to live your life? What will be your style for living? How do you want to be remembered? What do you stand for?

o   Identify what you need to function at your best. Get your environment, habits, practices, peers all working to help you do better

o   Clarify what attracts you, what sets your soul on fire, and start to create more joy in your everyday life

o   Set some goals that excite you

·        Start living differently

o   Move past telling everyone ‘I’m fine’

o   Do less, and create some space (in your mind, your calendar, and in your home)

o   Get still, be OK with yourself

o   Share your truth, start to communicate what you need with your loved ones

o   Prioritise your wellbeing, start practicing serious self-care

o   Identify things that are holding you back from changing

The Superwoman is Supertired programme logistics

·        6 one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions (once a fortnight), either in person or via phone/Skype

·        6 in-depth self-discovery exercises (you need to commit to these), with email feedback and support

·        You only need to; open your mind, show up, dig deep and open up. I will manage the rest

·        Pay upfront – one off cost of $999

Click here to ask me questions about this programme (link to my email address, titled Superwoman is Supertired Query)

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One-off coaching sessions

If you have some specific issues you want to discuss, if you want a follow-up, or if you want to ‘test the waters’ and see if coaching is for you, we can book a one-off session.

·        60 minutes

·        In person (Mission Bay, Auckland), or via phone or Skype

·        $195 per session, paid in advance

For new clients, click here to connect with me and we can arrange a free 30-minute introductory call (link to Survey Monkey application titled One-off Enquiry)

For existing clients, Click here to book an individual session (link to Calendar)


Regular client packages

For existing clients who want to follow a ‘check-in’ regime, we meet and talk roughly once a month. There is huge value in this- it ensures ongoing course correction so you always stay on track.  I keep you accountable to your goals, and help you constantly keep adjusting and improving.

Clients are often surprised at the value they get

‘I didn’t think we would have anything to talk about this month, everything is going fine, but wow! I feel like I have a completely different perspective on what’s going on, I’m motivated, and am doing it’
·        10 x 60 minute sessions, spread over a year

·        $1400

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