Clean out the mind clutter

What is the hardest thing to clear out? A busy mind.

There can be so many things in your head. Juggling multiple family members timetables, needs and routines. Adding your own in. Keeping on track at work. Meal planning. Household management. Remembering to floss, to be a nice person, to go to the dentist.

Then there is another sinister layer of complication, the unhelpful thoughts. The words that appear in your mind, without bidding, that don’t feel good. And the heavy emotions that come with them and drag you down.

  • You will resolve to keep a day clear to work on something that is important, and your conscience will whisper that you have to say Yes to that request for another volunteer slot.
  • A friend might attend an event, and you get a sudden flash of the dreaded fear of missing out.
  • Your child will struggle to keep up, and a heavy weight descends on your heart as you wonder what options are left, and you worry for their future.
  • Your jeans will be tight, and you immediately feel angry at yourself for not having the discipline to eat well last week.
  • You have run late all day, and your child then lingers as you walk out of school. You struggle to suppress your irritation.
  • You see a friend’s brilliant work endeavour, and immediately lose confidence in your own.


In the same way you regularly declutter my home, it is good to take time to declutter your mind. To weed out the unhelpful thoughts, before they grow roots, and do some pruning and reshaping. It is a wellbeing practice that keeps you calmer and happier.

  • As you politely decline another volunteer slot, turn your mind toward immersing yourself in a different project that is really important to you
  • As you stay home and miss an event, remember how blissful it is to miss out, sometimes
  • As your child struggles, remind yourself he has everything he needs to be a spectacular adult one day, and the rest is just peripheral
  • Put the jeans back in the wardrobe and find something to wear that is comfortable and makes you feel fabulous. And coach yourself into improving your habits.
  • As your little one picks flowers, slowly, one by one, on the grass verge outside school, tell yourself how lucky you are to be there together
  • As your friend celebrates her success, reflect upon the fact  that success is contagious, and how great it is to hang out with people who inspire you

You get to choose how you interpret what is happening to you. You can choose to put a negative filter on everything, and stew in resentment, self-loathing and judgement. But it’s a horrible place to be, and you really don’t want to be there long. At all, actually.

It is up to you whether your unhelpful thoughts are nurtured, and held on to. Or swiftly pruned and enhanced.

The more you practice mental decluttering, tidying up your thoughts, and doing your mental housekeeping, the easier it gets. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle. As the thoughts get better, your life gets better.


There are lots of techniques for clearing up your thoughts. I can help.


Having less stuff feels calming.

Having fewer obligations feels great.

Having happier thoughts feels like freedom.


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